A message from Father Graham

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Hope you are not too bored and finding time for the activities we had no time for before “lock-down”.  I am listening to more music, reading, gardening, reflecting, praying the Divine Office in a more disciplined way and, of course, playing with the cats more.  This could become a new way of life, perhaps my vocation and your vocations and careers could be enriched in some of these ways, giving us a fuller life once this is over.

It is good to remember that in times of crisis the best can come out of our humanity and be a reminder that there is a lot of good in what appears to be a dysfunctional world, e.g. greed, sinfulness and disrespect for our environment.

This is a good time to review what is important and to prioritise in our lives, and in the life of the church, what is essential.

With every good wish and God’s Blessing,

Fr. Graham

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