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A New Website, A New Start

You may have noticed a rather significant change to the website over the weekend. The past two months have been spent entirely redesigning and updating the

website to bring it up to date with where it should be. This has included adding extra content that wasn't possible before. I wanted to write a small post as an introduction to the new site and to bring you up to speed. We're also looking for new people to take on exciting opportunities with the website development in the future.

Firstly, this blog. This is a great way to let everyone in the parish know a small bit of news or to start an ongoing conversation about faith thanks to the many contributors we now have on the website. Please engage with posts by commenting, this is a great way for us to have discussions and talk about what matters in our faith. If you are interested in writing regularly on the blog then get in touch (see below).

Events. We have a whole tab for every event the Parish runs and it doesn't just have to stop there. We now have the option to take online payments and produce tickets directly on our website so they can be scanned or printed off for when you arrive.

We have the ability insert videos, images, music; embed donation forms (we're working on this currently); the future possibility of live-streaming; produce or link to courses to deepen our faith. The list goes on and I could sit here and write thousands of words on why this is a brilliant thing for the parish. At the end of the day, this website should help us engage with our faith and parish more and hopefully lead to future development.

We're really excited to have this website up and finally live. This doesn't stop here, we're looking for new people to become involved in what the website is about. The website is about you, the parishioners. If you want to become involved, even if you've never been involved in the parish before. We want you to contact us. We are particularly looking for a content manager (someone who ensures the content on the website is kept up to date and neat and tidy) as well as blog writers and people able to research new content like video series' to add to our formation page of the website. If any of these things even remotely appeal to you just drop us an email: hello@stclementsewell.org.

All the best,


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