• Jonathan Inns

Road to Renewal

Updated: Jan 7

During what has been a challenging year many parishes have taken the opportunity to look at ways their parish can change and adapt .

This webinar which took place on the 8th December was hosted by Divine renovation UK . It brought parishes together from around the country. The majority of parishes who attended share the following principles which underpin how their parish is structured and organised .

They are;

  • The primary role of the parish is to evangelise

  • Best of leadership principles

  • Power of the holy spirit, with out which nothing is possible .

During the webinar contributors share what has been achieved over the course of the last year and share insight into what adopting Divine Renovation principles has meant for their parish community.

I attended and was really encouraged by how parishes have been able to adapt and reach out the the wider community.

I hope you find the webinar interesting and provides food for thought about how St Clements maybe able to learn from the experiences of other parishes.