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What is a diocesan synod you may be asking?

Pope Francis has called for a gathering of bishops and people between October 2021 and 2023 with the first step to be synods held in every diocese throughout the world. What is a diocesan synod you may be asking? It is a gathering wherein the bishops listen to the people's views on needed changes in the Church. The Pope is interested in hearing from all the people, even those who have dropped out of church attendance.

Join with people from around the world by signing this petition in your own language to ensure that we, the people, will be included in this all important synodal process. For the Spirit to be heard at these diocesan synods, the voices of the people must be well represented. Once you have signed it, please post it on your social media accounts and pass it on to all your circle of contacts.

One additional step you are encouraged to take: Use this model letter to write to your own bishops and pastors letting them know how important it will be for them to include a good cross section of the lay people of God in your diocesan synod. Sign the petition now and pass it on to everyone you know, even those who've left the Church out of disappointment or frustration.



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