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    • Scripture | St. Clements Ewell

      Scripture "Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit." Catechism of the Catholic Church 81 Scripture reflection from N American Jesuits Daily scripture reading and commentary A daily verse from New Revised Standard Catholic Edition The Scriptures are contained in a series of books known as the Bible. This is divided into OLD and NEW Testaments. The books are shown below. Commentaries It's useful to have access to a commentary which gives explanation of the scriptures usually book by book. The most famous Is the Jerome Biblical Commentary. Reading List Commentaries and Bible Versions Commentaries It has long been recognised that bible readers welcome some explanation when reading the texts. Various writers have specialised in studying scripture with a view to bringing the depths of its meaning A series of explanations called commentaries is available. Sometimes called Study Bibles. Commentaries List Bible Versions

    • Baptism FAQ's | St. Clements Ewell

      Baptism F.A.Q.'s What are my duties? Baptism is not simply a "naming ceremony" or even just a blessing for a new baby. It is the beginning of the Christian life and the gateway to eternal life. Because of this, the sacrament of Baptism is taken very seriously in the Church. ​ The ceremony of Baptism assumes a well-founded hope that you will bring your child up in the practice of the faith. This means · you teach your child to pray · you teach your child to lead a good Christian life · you & your child come to Mass regularly on Sundays · you teach your child the Catholic faith ​ How do I arrange a Baptism? One or both parents should come to see the parish priest, after any Weekday Mass or after Mass on Saturday or Sunday. You do not need to telephone or make an appointment. ​ How soon should I have my child baptised? Children should be baptized as soon as possible after birth. You are even welcome to come and arrange a date for the Baptism before the child is born. (The priest will then also be able to give the blessing for an expectant mother and pray for the safe delivery of the child.) ​ I am not married. Can my child be baptised? Yes. A child may be baptised so long as there is a well-founded hope that they will be brought up in the practice of the Catholic faith. If you have any questions about marriage in the Catholic Church, please ask the priest because there are often misunderstandings in this area. ​ I do not live in the parish. Can I have my child baptised at St Clement’s? Yes, if you regularly come to Mass here. If you are not coming to Mass, you need to decide which will be the Church you are going to start attending. It will usually be more appropriate (and more convenient) for you to start going to Mass at your local parish and to arrange the Baptism there. ​ You will still need to approach the Parish Priest so that he can send a written confirmation to the other parish that you are known to him and have attended Preparation evenings in our Parish. I would like my child Baptised in another Parish? ​ How many Godparents should we have? The Church's Canon Law states that there should be one or two Godparents. If there are two, they should preferably be a Godfather and a Godmother. At least one Godparent must be a Confirmed Catholic over 16 years of age who takes their faith seriously by regularly going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion. ​ What about non-Catholics? If you are finding it difficult to find Catholic Godparents, then along side a Catholic Confirmed Godparent, a non-Catholic who is a baptised Christian, in good standing with his or her own faith community, may act as a Christian witness, similar to a Godparent. During the ceremony they together with the parents profess the Church’s faith in which the child is to be baptised. He or she will be asked to renew the vows of their own baptism saying “I do” to three questions about turning from sin and then three questions about faith in the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also have to attest that they are ready to help you as parents in your role as Christian parents and be prepared to support the godchild in a spiritual role for the rest of the godchild’s life. ​ Neither I nor my spouse is Catholic. Can our child(ren) be baptised Catholics? Only if one of the parents decides to become a Catholic themselves. This is a process which involves prayer, instruction and sharing in the life of the Catholic community over several months at least.) The most appropriate conclusion to this process is for the family to be baptised together. Please ask the priest for further details. Fees In the Catholic Church in England, there is no fee for the Baptism. If you can afford to do so, you should make an offering. You can give this in an envelope to the priest or deacon at the time of the Baptism. If you cannot afford anything, it does not matter and nobody will be offended. I had a child baptised but I never got a Baptism certificate. How can I get one? Every parish keeps a Baptism register in its permanent archive. A certificate can always be provided for you by the parish where your child was Baptised.

    • 200 club | St. Clements Ewell

      200 Club 200 Club Subscriptions £1 per month per number (payable annually if possible ). Draws take place after 10.30 Mass normally on the 2nd Sunday each month 1st Prize - £30.00 2nd Prize - £20.00 monthly except - December - 1st Prize - £200.00 2nd Prize - £50.00 Winners ​ August 2020 John-Claude Farrell No 207 £30.00 Lisa Self No. 69 £20.00 ​ July 2020 Imogene Hall No 108 £30 Angela Erburne No.108 £20 June 2020 Susan Bellino No. 100 £30 Chris Williamson No. 186 £20 May 2020 Robin Hannan No. 76 £30 Julian Hall No. 65 £20 ​ April 2020 Ahu Guray No.109 £30 Mary Bruce No.121 £20 March 2020 Richard Holland No.102 £30 Damian Izugha No.157 £20 ​ February 2020 Betty Lynch No.107 £30 Alexandra Mandry No. 4 £20 ​ January 2020 Pauline Groves No.46 £30 Anne O'Connell No.40 £20 December 2019 Tracy Silvestro No.188 £200 Marie Bliss No. 12 £50 ​ 1 ​ New members welcome, we have several numbers available. It is a very worthwhile fund raising club for the parish Please contact - Pauline Artiss. 0208 393 0465 ​ 200 CLUB financial contribution to the parish ​ 2016 £1870.00 2017 £1878.00 2018 £1914.00 2019 £1890.00 N

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    • CAFOD

      On Wednesday 19 August 11am – CAFOD Campaigner Phil Kingston speaks. Did anyone else listen/ see this presentation by Phil I actually never thought of CAFOD as being so involved in Climate Change. I am passionate about all aspects of Climate, conservation, compassion and caring for our peoples and planet. Today’s repost from scientist that we have lost 28trillion tons of ice in the last thirty years is so so concerning. This was an an inspiring talk from Phil Kingston, Phil is 84 and 10 years ago founded Grandparents for a Safer Earth which a secular and non-political-party organisation which aims to be as inclusive as possible. The members include different faiths and ideologies. He is a long time CAFOD campaigner now based in Bristol and he is involved with Extinction Rebellion. Phil told us about his particular interest from the Christian perspective and exactly what areas of Extinsion Rebellion (ER) a peaceful civil disobedient organisation, its aims, its achievements for the protection of our planet, why he joined and that he is well prepared to go to prison for the cause although not, if he can avoid. Peaceful civil disobedience is annoying but not illegal. Homes, food and people’s ability to earn a living are being destroyed by the climate crisis and the pollution of our land, oceans and forests. We need to restore God’s precious gift of creation, enable people to adapt to a warming world and stop the climate crisis from getting worse He, like us all, are very worried for future generations. Homes, food and people’s ability to earn a living are being destroyed by the climate crisis and the pollution of our land, oceans and forests. We need to restore God’s precious gift of creation,

    • Becoming an Inviting Church

      In this third and final session Fr James Mallon takes about what makes a church healthy. He uses the analogy of the human body which has 11 systems of the human body , Integument (skin) Skeletal Muscular Nervous Endocrine Circulatory Lymphatic Respiratory Digestive Excretory Reproductive If once of these is not working it effects all the others . He explains that the church has 5 systems and that is helpful to look at each one as they relate to the parish to begin to see how healthy our parish is . 1. Worship - mind and heart raised to God - liturgy of the Eucharist 2. Ministry - Anytime someone is serving in any capacity- there are internal and external ministries. 90% of parishes focus on internal ministries 3. Fellowship - meaningful community which is growing and developing missionary disciples. 4. Evangelisation- making Jesus know to others 5. Discipleship Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations.” The command is as clear as day. Fr Mallon explains that the role of the priest is to feed his sheep. The current way this is done is by cramming food into them for 45 mins on a Sunday (generic feeding) and then when they die burying them. Fr Mallon talks about making Ninja Sheep - people who are mature and are able to lead. He speaks about the need for a vision, then a purpose statement and finally an action plan with people identifies who are able to execute it. Fr Mallon speaks in detail about the value of developing an Alpha program and the importance of this not being just for parish members, but that people should be invited who are none believers. Perhaps now is a good time to ponder, as we look to the future when our parish reopening fully is, what vision and dream do you have for building our community at St Clements. The following questions make help to formulate your thoughts. What indicates that the weekend liturgies are a priority in St Clements? How do we celebrate liturgy in such a way that it touches and effects everyone else in the parish? What stands in the way of making more out of the weekend liturgies? Who welcomes who at the weekend liturgies ? How are people identified and welcomed? Who follows up with new people and makes sure they are finding their way into parish life? Does the parish sing with full participation? How do we evaluate our present music ministry? How do we ensure that our music is diverse? Is the parish priest open to feedback and suggestions about his homilies Do the homilies follow the suggestion of pope Francis.? Do people know what is expected of them when they come forward for sacraments or other activities.? How do we communicate parish expectations? Are people offered ministry work in the parish that fits their strengths What processes do we have in place to help people meet and encounter the Holy Spirit? Do people have enough opportunities to share their faith? How can we create opportunities to which we can invite the unchurched in our parish? How do we invite those who have been absent from the parish to return. How do we prepare our active memebers to become"spirit filled evangelisers. Questions taken from Bill Huebsch book the Divine renovation group reading guide.

    • A message from Father Graham

      Dear Fellow Parishioners, Hope you are not too bored and finding time for the activities we had no time for before “lock-down”.  I am listening to more music, reading, gardening, reflecting, praying the Divine Office in a more disciplined way and, of course, playing with the cats more.  This could become a new way of life, perhaps my vocation and your vocations and careers could be enriched in some of these ways, giving us a fuller life once this is over. It is good to remember that in times of crisis the best can come out of our humanity and be a reminder that there is a lot of good in what appears to be a dysfunctional world, e.g. greed, sinfulness and disrespect for our environment. This is a good time to review what is important and to prioritise in our lives, and in the life of the church, what is essential. With every good wish and God’s Blessing, Fr. Graham

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