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    Scripture "Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit." Catechism of the Catholic Church 81 Scripture reflection from N American Jesuits Daily scripture reading and commentary A daily verse from New Revised Standard Catholic Edition The Scriptures are contained in a series of books known as the Bible. This is divided into OLD and NEW Testaments. The books are shown below. Commentaries It's useful to have access to a commentary which gives explanation of the scriptures usually book by book. The most famous Is the Jerome Biblical Commentary. Reading List Commentaries and Bible Versions Commentaries It has long been recognised that bible readers welcome some explanation when reading the texts. Various writers have specialised in studying scripture with a view to bringing the depths of its meaning A series of explanations called commentaries is available. Sometimes called Study Bibles. Commentaries List Bible Versions

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    Baptism F.A.Q.'s What are my duties? Baptism is not simply a "naming ceremony" or even just a blessing for a new baby. It is the beginning of the Christian life and the gateway to eternal life. Because of this, the sacrament of Baptism is taken very seriously in the Church. ​ The ceremony of Baptism assumes a well-founded hope that you will bring your child up in the practice of the faith. This means · you teach your child to pray · you teach your child to lead a good Christian life · you & your child come to Mass regularly on Sundays · you teach your child the Catholic faith ​ How do I arrange a Baptism? One or both parents should come to see the parish priest, after any Weekday Mass or after Mass on Saturday or Sunday. You do not need to telephone or make an appointment. ​ How soon should I have my child baptised? Children should be baptized as soon as possible after birth. You are even welcome to come and arrange a date for the Baptism before the child is born. (The priest will then also be able to give the blessing for an expectant mother and pray for the safe delivery of the child.) ​ I am not married. Can my child be baptised? Yes. A child may be baptised so long as there is a well-founded hope that they will be brought up in the practice of the Catholic faith. If you have any questions about marriage in the Catholic Church, please ask the priest because there are often misunderstandings in this area. ​ I do not live in the parish. Can I have my child baptised at St Clement’s? Yes, if you regularly come to Mass here. If you are not coming to Mass, you need to decide which will be the Church you are going to start attending. It will usually be more appropriate (and more convenient) for you to start going to Mass at your local parish and to arrange the Baptism there. ​ You will still need to approach the Parish Priest so that he can send a written confirmation to the other parish that you are known to him and have attended Preparation evenings in our Parish. I would like my child Baptised in another Parish? ​ How many Godparents should we have? The Church's Canon Law states that there should be one or two Godparents. If there are two, they should preferably be a Godfather and a Godmother. At least one Godparent must be a Confirmed Catholic over 16 years of age who takes their faith seriously by regularly going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion. ​ What about non-Catholics? If you are finding it difficult to find Catholic Godparents, then along side a Catholic Confirmed Godparent, a non-Catholic who is a baptised Christian, in good standing with his or her own faith community, may act as a Christian witness, similar to a Godparent. During the ceremony they together with the parents profess the Church’s faith in which the child is to be baptised. He or she will be asked to renew the vows of their own baptism saying “I do” to three questions about turning from sin and then three questions about faith in the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also have to attest that they are ready to help you as parents in your role as Christian parents and be prepared to support the godchild in a spiritual role for the rest of the godchild’s life. ​ Neither I nor my spouse is Catholic. Can our child(ren) be baptised Catholics? Only if one of the parents decides to become a Catholic themselves. This is a process which involves prayer, instruction and sharing in the life of the Catholic community over several months at least.) The most appropriate conclusion to this process is for the family to be baptised together. Please ask the priest for further details. Fees In the Catholic Church in England, there is no fee for the Baptism. If you can afford to do so, you should make an offering. You can give this in an envelope to the priest or deacon at the time of the Baptism. If you cannot afford anything, it does not matter and nobody will be offended. I had a child baptised but I never got a Baptism certificate. How can I get one? Every parish keeps a Baptism register in its permanent archive. A certificate can always be provided for you by the parish where your child was Baptised.

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    200 Club 200 Club Subscriptions £1 per month per number (payable annually if possible ). Draws take place after 10.30 Mass normally on the 2nd Sunday each month 1st Prize - £30.00 2nd Prize - £20.00 monthly except - December - 1st Prize - £200.00 2nd Prize - £50.00 Winners ​ August 2020 John-Claude Farrell No 207 £30.00 Lisa Self No. 69 £20.00 ​ July 2020 Imogene Hall No 108 £30 Angela Erburne No.108 £20 June 2020 Susan Bellino No. 100 £30 Chris Williamson No. 186 £20 May 2020 Robin Hannan No. 76 £30 Julian Hall No. 65 £20 ​ April 2020 Ahu Guray No.109 £30 Mary Bruce No.121 £20 March 2020 Richard Holland No.102 £30 Damian Izugha No.157 £20 ​ February 2020 Betty Lynch No.107 £30 Alexandra Mandry No. 4 £20 ​ January 2020 Pauline Groves No.46 £30 Anne O'Connell No.40 £20 December 2019 Tracy Silvestro No.188 £200 Marie Bliss No. 12 £50 ​ 1 ​ New members welcome, we have several numbers available. It is a very worthwhile fund raising club for the parish Please contact - Pauline Artiss. 0208 393 0465 ​ 200 CLUB financial contribution to the parish ​ 2016 £1870.00 2017 £1878.00 2018 £1914.00 2019 £1890.00 N

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    Sacraments With all sacraments below please contact Fr. Graham for more information. Cantact information can be found . here Live Simply offer a dedicate a tree scheme: to mark sacramental occasions such as Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Reception into the Church and Marriage. Read more here. Baptism If you have just had a baby or are expecting one you are warmly invited to attend our baptismal preparation programme. The aim of the programme is to serve as a reminder to parents about their own faith and what it means to them. Baptism is a time of special joy and blessing, but it is also the first and most important step a parent will take in the faith life of their child. ​ Parents, and parents to be, should initially contact Fr Graham In preparation there are two evening sessions that take place in the Tivey room. Parents are expected to attend both evenings on the following themes: The Welcome Rite, Celebration of God's Word and the Bidding Prayers The Symbols used in the ceremony and practicalities on the day Normally 8-12 weeks notice is needed. A Rite of Welcome takes place before the baptism day during one of the Sunday masses, giving the parishioners the opportunity to welcome the child into our Christian community. The Baptism of the child is usually celebrated at a special Baptism service on certain Sundays of the year, or by special arrangement, during a Sunday Mass. ​ Baptism F.A.Q.'s Confirmation We run a course of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation every year from about October to the following April/May when Confirmations take place. The course involves 9 two hour sessions on a Sunday afternoon, a retreat day and three special masses. You you will need to commit to come to and participate in all of these. The course is open to young people who will be 15 by the end of the August in the year of their Confirmation, ie generally school year 10 and above and who are coming to mass regularly at St Clement’s. Application forms are available directly from Father Graham from the end of September onwards. Confirmation is a once only Sacrament. The aim of the course is to give candidates an experience of their Faith. We hope to have some fun along the way as well. It will be a time for exploring ideas with other young people in the Parish and of deepening relationships with God. It is their “coming of age” in the Church and choosing to say, “Yes! I am a Christian. Yes! I want to take the next step in my faith journey.” Growing towards Jesus (First Holy Communion Preperation) Before joining the Reconciliation and Holy Communion programmes, children must have completed this early years preparation programme. At intervals of about a month, a number of simple worksheets need to be completed at home. They are designed to help parents guide their children to a basic and active understanding of their faith and particularly to begin to take part in the Mass. The programme starts soon after Christmas and children must be at least seven years old by 31st December. After completing this programme children may then prepare for Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Adult Initiation into the Church (RCIA) The Christian faith is available to everyone, of any age, and any background. In the twenty- first century, many adults find they have little knowledge of Christ, or for various reasons did not fully develop their Christian faith when younger. We offer the opportunity for adults to explore with us our Christian faith and and what Christianity means in practice. We can also help those who wish to become full members of the Church to learn more about the Christian life of prayer and goodness and prepare to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation and the Eucharist. ​ The programme of preparation is called "The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults"(RCIA). It is made up of discussion, private thought and prayer, and culminates - for those who decide to accept Christ in their lives - in joining the Church in its public worship at Mass, and receiving the Eucharist and the other sacraments; participants are supported by the prayers of the parish community. RCIA has several stages, starting with that of enquiry; each stage takes as long as participants need, and there is no obligation and no pressure apart from what is in each one of us regarding God. Meetings take place on weekday evenings in the Presbytery, led by Fr. Graham and lay people of the parish. Reconciliation First Holy Communion Reconciliation Parents meet twice during the Autumn to help them prepare their children for this Sacrament. There are four sessions from the “I Belong” book to be completed by the children with their catechists and an exercise on “Family Time” to be completed at home. Children make their First Reconciliation by the end of November. ​ First Holy Communion Between New Year and the end of May a series of six sessions from the “I Belong” book are held with the children by their catechists. A small number of meetings arranged by Fr Graham for the parents are also held. A Celebration Mass follows each of the children’s sessions. First Holy Communion is received in small groups at the children’s usual Parish Mass in May or June. Older children joining these programmes will be given material and support appropriate to their age. All these programmes need the active involvement of parents, family and the Parish will give every support possible to them. Enquiries: Fr Graham (0208) 393 5572 Marriage Preparation Couples intending to marry at St Clement's should give at least six months notice of their wedding date. They will be invited to take a marriage preparation course. This will be provided by the Parish Priest in conjunction with Deanery personnel Pastoral Initiatives Please notify Fr Graham of any parishioner who is sick or housebound. Normally Fr Graham or an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist will visit them weekly with Holy Communion. Visiting Sick and Housebound ​ St Anthony's Pastoral Group Pastoral Group Is a parish group which cares for those in difficulty or hardship in some way within the parish area. It has taken on the responsibilities of the SVP Conference which preceded it.

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    Meet Our Team Priest Rev Graham Bamford Fr Graham has been the parish priest for over 20 years in the Parish of St. Clements. He is very welcoming and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the parish | Tel: 020 8393 5572 Join our Team We're currently looking for these roles to join our team. Website Content Manager We're looking for someone with competent computer skills to ensure the website is always kept up to date. The role will consist of: Ensuring the blog and events is kept up to date Whenever changes occur within the parish they also change online Ensure all contact details and information about the parish are kept accurate and up to date ​ The requirements are that you are competent with a computer, this role will require the ability to change and edit the website (no programming required) as well as send emails and other small admin work. This is a volunteer role. Apply Website Developer We're looking for someone with proficient computer skills to ensure the website is always is kept looking professional and working. The role will consist of: ​ Ensure all pages follow the same theme (colour, style, font etc) Make sure there are no broken links/buttons etc Everything works, if there is a problem fix it as soon as possible. Manage the contributors to the site ​ The requirements are that you are proficient with a computer, this role will require the ability to change and edit the website (some programming may be required) as well as send emails and other small admin work. This will also require some extra work with keeping SEO up to date and domain registration. These are skills easily learnt if competent with a computer so don't worry too much if this is confusing, still consider applying. This is a volunteer role. Apply

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    Parish Library and Bookstall The Library is situated in the small room off from the narthex, by the stairs to the balcony. It is open at all times for reading or borrowing and contains a wide variety of books about our faith About once a month there is a bookstall open at all Masses selling missals, Bibles and other books for children and adults. Opening weekend dates are published in the parish newsletter.

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    See harvest fast day appeal appeal below The CAFOD Team in St Clement’s Church undertakes the following tasks. Fundraising: The CAFOD team promotes the Lent and Harvest Fast Days annually. We also fundraise throughout the year for projects in specially chosen regions overseas. Responding to emergencies: We enable the parish to respond to emergencies, by providing information received from CAFOD as new emergencies break. We keep parishioners informed of what CAFOD is doing, and offer them the opportunity to support the work. Campaigning: We raise awareness of the latest CAFOD campaigns and encourage parish support for action each year. Prayer and reflecting: We encourage prayer and reflection on the global implications of faith, through the use CAFOD materials, at mass and other liturgies and by passing on children's liturgy materials. Working with young people: We develop links between CAFOD and St Clement’s primary School, Confirmation and first holy communion program. Making news: We promote CAFOD’S work to the wider community by having articles printed in the diocesan newspaper and the local press, in a style that reflects CAFOD's vision, mission and values. Harvest Fast Day Caronavirus Appeal You can help to rebuild lives This is a Harvest like no other as families around the world face chronic food shortages, malnutrition and poverty as the result of coronavirus. This Family Fast Day on Friday 9 October let's stand alongside the poorest and most vulnerable people and help them to rebuild their lives. Asal and her children sit together. For so many families like Asal's, coronavirus has meant their lives will never be the same. Your donations are helping to: provide handwashing stations in communities lacking access to clean water and soap distribute PPE to health workers supply children with books and pencils so they can study from home while schools are closed allow farmers to sell their produce safely deliver food packages to people in cities who can’t go out to work. Asal is a mother of five living in Afghanistan whose husband died from coronavirus. Read asia's story Three ways to donate ​ online ​ text giving ​ Bring your cash donations to church over the weekends of the 10,11 October online read more Cancel the Debt Campaign ! Sign our petetion to the Prime Minister

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    Church Re-Opening Dear Parishioners, ​ The obligation for Sunday Mass attendance remains in abeyance for the time being which means you can attend Mass on any day. Unfortunately, this does not mean that we are back to where we were before the lock down. The guidance that we have been instructed to put in place for the opening of the church for private prayer will apply even more for those attending Mass, and from the weekend of the 12 September we will be putting in place a track and trace system. ​ The guidelines for attending Mass are as follows: Enter through the main doors. Use the hand sanitiser. Post your completed Test and Trace slip in the box. Follow the stewards' guidance at Communion. There is a one-way system in operation. Please exit the church through the side door left of the altar. Sanitise your hands again The doors will remain open to allow a free flow of air and reduce the risk of people touching the door handles. Please do not go on or behind the altar. Candles cannot be lit.Toilets are not available. ​ ​ There will be 10.00a.m. Mass each Wednesday. The Saturday Vigil Mass will be at 6.00p.m. and on Sundays, Mass will be at 10.30a.m. From the 13 September we will be reinstating the Sunday Mass at 8 30am Attendance will be on a first come basis as we will have a maximum attendance of 70 people. Stewards will be present to remind you to sanitise and show you to your seats. Track and Trace System ​ In line with government guidance we will be assisting the NHS Test and Trace service by requiring parishioners to provide name and contact details (usually a phone number.) We can then provide the service with requests for that data if needed for contact tracing and the investigation of local outbreaks. The records will be kept for 21 days and then shredded. Everyone attending Mass should complete a NHS Test & Trace slip and post it in the box in the narthex on entering the building (slips will be provided for anyone who does not bring one with them- bring your own pen if possible!). You can download the slips here ​ ​ ​ Bring a completed one every time you attend Mass. Dear Parishioners, Face Coverings You will be aware that face coverings are currently mandatory on public transport as well as in shops and in supermarkets. Following a change in government advice on the 24th July 2020 people are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces including places of worship. You are therefore asked to wear a face covering when you come to Mass from the 8th August. ​ ​ Fr Graham Track and Trace Slips Coronavirus Mass Times: Wednesdays 10am Saturdays 6pm Sundays 10:30am Sunday 8:30am (to restart from 13 September) ​ limit of 75 people per mass

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    Group Study Opportunities To be added Online Course Links Interim selection Thinking Faith Jesuits Christian Art Torch Dominicans Homilies Divine Renovation Moving to Mission and Pastoral Care Material Coming Soon Retreat Forward Nearby Venues House of Prayer, Molesey Worth Abbey Retreats Chemin Neuf, Storrington More distant venues St Beunos, Wales Buckfast Abbey, Devon Minsteracres, Co Durham You can explore a wide range of locations via this link

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    To Join Gift Aid complete a Declaration Form As a Tax Payer for every £1 donated we can claim back 25p our preferred method of receiving donations. Gift Aid Envelope Donations (Cash or Cheque) Declaration Form Email a copy to Julian Hall or Post a copy to: 20 The Headway, Epsom, KT17 1UN Any questions: Call 07801 827 805 Alternatively Email with the following: Julian Hall -Tax Payers title -Name -Surname -Address -Date of start date Please add ‘Please Gift Aid my donations’ We do the rest! You collect your numbered Box of envelopes at the back of the Church. Online Donations (not currently available) ​ COMING SOON This can be - A one off - Weekly - Monthly Through Arundel and Brighton Diocese Just Giving Page Just Giving Standing Order & Direct Debit Donations Bankers Order Form Or let your bank know the following details: Account Name RCD Ewell St Clements Account No: 61076280 Sort Code 40-05-20 Amount Of donatiion Monthly bank donations reduces the need for a weekly envelopes and saves money. 2nd collections & yellow envelopes can also be used for any one-off donations. Legacies Click for further details. here This is a very popular way of helping others when you have gone. By leaving a gift to the parish in your will, you will help make an important long-term contribution to the work of the Church. Free of inheritance tax. Just instruct your solicitor or will writer, that you would like to leave a legacy to the parish. The above methods of giving enables The Parish of St Clement’s to offer faith support and a community for people to be a part of but as with any other Church community there are many fixed costs to run the church, Lighting, Heating, Water, Rates, Organ maintenance, Stationary, office administration, Housekeeping and property maintenance. Many volunteers in the parish offer their time and resources which assists in reducing these costs but despite this support the Church also has to rely on Gift Aid and fund raising events. (A common misconception being that Catholic Churches are financially supported by ‘Head Office’ eg The Diocese and Rome). Thank you for taking the time to consider Gift Aid and we welcome your thoughts, feedback and support! Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Privacy and Data Protection Policy

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