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The CAFOD Team in St Clement’s Church undertakes the following tasks.

  • Fundraising:
    The CAFOD team promotes the Lent and Harvest Fast Days annually. We also fundraise throughout the year for projects in specially chosen regions overseas.

  • Responding to emergencies:
    We enable the parish to respond to emergencies, by providing information received from CAFOD as new emergencies break. We keep parishioners informed of what CAFOD is doing, and offer them the opportunity to support the work.

  • Campaigning:
    We raise awareness of the latest CAFOD campaigns and encourage parish support for action each year.  

  • Prayer and reflecting:
    We encourage prayer and reflection on the global implications of faith, through the use CAFOD materials, at mass and other liturgies and by passing on children's liturgy materials.

  • Working with young people:
    We develop links between CAFOD and St Clement’s primary School,  Confirmation and first holy communion  program.

  • Making news:
    We promote CAFOD’S work to the wider community by having articles printed in the diocesan newspaper and the local press, in a style that reflects CAFOD's vision, mission and values.

Lent Fast Day  Appeal

The coronavirus pandemic has shown how important it is to have access to clean, safe water. During these challenging times, your donation to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal is needed more than ever.

With your donations to CAFOD's Lent Appeal we can reach out to communities around the world to help them thrive even in the most difficult environments

Abdella's story

Abdella is 23 and lives in a small village in the Afar region in northern Ethiopia.  

He wakes before dark to start on a long journey that will see him walk along a dried-out riverbed, over rocks, and over a mountain just to get a drink of water. The entire journey to get water for the family will take Abdella ten hours.

Can you imagine needing a drink of water and having to spend most of the day collecting it? Coming back exhausted and bruised from the journey? Being so frustrated because you feel your life is slipping away from you? Then having to do it again without any sick days or days off.

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Bring your cash donations to church over the weekends of the 6/7 March or you credit or debit card as we will have a card reader available. 

Sponsor St Clements CAFOD team as they take part in the walk for water challenge!

We will be walking 50 miles between us, the equivalent  of walking from St Clements church Ewell to Arundel Cathedral. 

Cancel the Debt Campaign !