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Formation for Mission

The purpose of faith formation is to take Catholic theological insight, gleaned from Catholic Tradition and the best of contemporary theological thought, and guide individuals and groups towards its integration into their personal spirituality and to the living out of their baptismal mission.

Group Study

Shared Learning, Community Context, Practical Skills

Online Courses

Knowledge, Information, 

Tradition, Scripture, History, Liturgy

Pastoral Responsibility

Gifts, Roles, Ministries, Collaboration, Living the Gospel


Developing Prayer, Time out, Focus, Locations

The Church Exists to Evangelise

Para 14 Evangelii Nuntiandi

The word formation comes from the Latin, formare, meaning ‘to shape’ or ‘to mould’. We are all constantly being shaped and moulded by our circumstances and our surroundings, whether we are aware of it or not. When we talk of spiritual formation, we are talking about choosing what will shape and mould us, and to what we give our deepest energies!

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