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Communication with God

Roll over the grid and explore some prayer ideas 

What is prayer?

  • Prayer is a way of staying in touch with God and deepening our relationship with Him

  • Prayer takes time and effort

  • Prayer should be a daily activity, taking time to speak and listen

Prayer is an expression of faith that allows us to communicate with God. It is a wholehearted faith response to God.

Formal Prayers are based on traditions and teachings for example the Apostles' Creed, the Our Father and the Hail Mary.

Informal Prayers are prayers using our own words and can be said at any time, for example, in times of thanksgiving, celebration, stress or fear

Liturgy of the Hours

The Official Prayer of the Church:

Links to Mass

You can watch masses from our church live every Sunday at 10:30am as well as see recordings of previous masses.

You can watch a wide range of masses from across the British Isles either live or recorded via Church Services TV

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