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A&B Diocesan Pilgrimage to  Lourdes


Travelling to Lourdes

Travelling to Lourdes, in whatever capacity, is a wonderful experience full of fun, companionship, friendship and laughter. Each person on our pilgrimage brings distinctive gifts and graces with them, benefitting those they meet during the week.

What do we do during our week?

We have a daily programme of events which includes:

  • ‍A number of Masses and liturgies in different settings, with different themes. Bishop Richard celebrates a Mass of welcome for everyone, we also celebrate Mass at the Grotto, a Mass with Anointing for those who wish to receive this Sacrament, a Mass where we remember friends and family members who have died and a Mass of farewell shortly before we leave Lourdes and depart home.

  • There is a Holy Hour during the week, a time for Lectio Divina, and many other opportunities for private and group prayer at the Grotto and in the Sanctuary.

  • We participate in two processions in honour of Our Lady’s wish for us to travel to Lourdes on pilgrimage; the Blessed Sacrament Procession and the Torchlight Procession. Both these processions occur daily and attract hundreds of pilgrims.


How to Apply

We are continuing to monitor the options for a safe pilgrimage in 2021 and we hope to make an announcement mid-February on our plans for this year. In the meantime, you can visit the Grotto of Lourdes online every day via their TV Lourdes service with the Rosary prayed each day in English at 2pm UK time.

Everyone is welcome, we encourage people of all ages to complete an application form and join us. We travel to Lourdes by plane, coach and jumbulance. Our Pilgrimage Office team looks carefully at the needs of all our pilgrims, allocating the most appropriate transport on the basis of need. On arrival in Lourdes we stay at a number of hotels, each ‘hotel group’ includes up to sixty pilgrims who form tight bonds throughout our week together. Our family groups stay  together, as do our Redshirts.


Further information

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