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Scripture for Lent?


Why scripture?

The bible is of course the word of God and what better time to listen to what God is saying to us than the season of Lent? We are fortunate in our parish - and elsewhere - that we have plenty of help with this. In the narthex of the church you will find booklets  designed to help you read the Bible during Lent. What a wonderful Lenten resolution is that!

PS If we run out of booklets, contact Fr Graham.


Lent 2022 My Day by Day

Follow the daily Lenten liturgy with this handy guide; fits in your pocket or handbag a treat!

Lent 2022 My Day by Day

Designed for primary school children, the booklets are designed to encourage children's interest and enjoyment of the liturgical seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter. 

The narrative of the books is supported by prayers, puzzles and activities appropriate to the season.

These 36 page (6" x 4") full colour booklets are suitable for use in the classroom, church or home.


Lent 2022 My Day by Day

The essence of Bible Alive are the daily reflections. They are written in an accessible and warm style inviting the reader to penetrate and plumb the depths of the scripture reading of the day. The lead features cover a wide array of subjects, topics, profiles and interviews on matters relating to living the Christian faith today. The essays and teaching are drawn from the rich teaching of Vatican II, the Cathechism of the Catholic Church, and the teachings of Pope John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis; our profile and features explore in depth and detail the life witness of either a beati, a canonized saint or a hero of faith.



One of our parishioners has followed this Catholic course all last year and speaks very highly of it. He writes:

"I started listening to The Bible in a Year podcast at the start of 2021. I have found it incredibly useful in enhancing my knowledge of the Word of God and of his plan of salvation for us. The podcasts are generally twenty to twenty five minutes long, and consist of Father Mike Schmitz reading from three different books of the Bible followed by a commentary explaining the text. The text is read in a historical timeline as opposed to the order of the books in the bible, which make the text flow and comprehend more easily. After each 'period' there is a more in-depth commentary by Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. I have enjoyed it so much I have started to listen to the Bible once again."

Try a free taster for yourself HERE.

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