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Call for Volunteers at Holy Mass

We urgently need new readers, stewards and cleaners at Mass.


Saturday 6.00PM

Tracy Silvestro ( Readers / Stewards / Cleaners)

Sunday 8.30AM

Chris Roffey (Stewards / Cleaners)  Rita Roffey (Readers)

Sunday 10.30AM

Robin Hannan  (Readers)  Julian Hall (Stewards)  

Wednesday 10.00AM

Julian Hall (Stewards / Cleaners)

If you would be prepared to volunteer for any of these three roles, would you please contact the relevant Rota monitor above? Click on the  monitor's name to send an email.

Whilst government allows public worship at this time, we are obliged to observe strict guidelines in relation to social distancing, hygiene and contact tracing. For this reason, we need sufficient  volunteer support to ensure that Holy Mass continues to be celebrated in our church. And we are running short.

This is why we are putting out an urgent call  for volunteers to assist with reading at Mass, stewarding and cleaning.

Thank you for your help.

Volunteering Criteria

Members of the Parish over the age of 18 - and under the age of 70 - who have  maintained the current COVID19 Government guidelines along with their household members, and are not suffering from any underlying illness that could expose them further to the risks of C19.

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