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Parish Advent Course


How our Celtic past can help us today.


Lindisfarne Abbey, Holy Island


In our post-pandemic world, the need for vibrant and welcoming Christian communities has never been stronger. This new filmed course is a timely resource drawing on the immense wisdom and inspiration from our Celtic spiritual heritage, helping us to find renewed faith and vision together.

Following the success of last year's Sycamore Course, the parish now proposes a short online Advent course of five sessions, drawing on the wellspring of our Celtic spiritual heritage.

The course starts at 7:30PM on THURSDAY 17th NOVEMBER and runs for five consecutive Thursdays. Everyone is invited to join. Like last year, we shall use the ZOOM application for online communication. 

To join in, please use the registration form on the parish website HERE.

You can find out more information about the content of the course itself at the Cafe Faith Exploration site.



There is no charge to parishioners. The course is free.

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